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Classic Aussie Rock reissues from the early ‘Sixties as recorded by Marcus Herman for Crest Records Australia. Artists include Laurie Allen, who later went on to Bobby & Laurie fame – – Malcolm Arthur & the Knights, The Wildcats, The Martells, and one of Australia’s finest and most versatile rock groups of the period, alone and backing a host great vocalists; Beverly Trim, Lyn Langford, Alan Easterbrook, Frankie Brent and Jill Peachey. There are a swag of the then dance craze numbers, The Twist. Malcolm Arthur had earlier been hailed as Australia’s greatest Elvis Presley tribute performer. Regarding his phenomenal concerts, see:

A highlight of The Blue Jays meteoric rise to fame came at a Myer Music Bowl Moomba Concert. They were booked to present three items on the show which included Johnny O’Keefe and Malcolm Arthur, but the record crowd of 57,000 young’n’olds kept The Blue Jays on stage for an hour and 15 encores more than planned. Tracks in this collection demonstrate why they were so popular.